Infant Sleeping Aides

Sleep is an extremely hot topic among parents of infants.  It often evades them for months and there are a ton of different sleeping aides and products to try and help your little one get some extended sleep (which means you get some too!).  We tried a whole bunch of different infant sleep aides with varying success through our daughter’s first year.

Rock ‘N Play

‘Thumbs up. This thing was great and allowed me to rock her easily with one hand while laying in bed if she was a little fussy. I woke up most mornings with my arm asleep from hanging off the bed, but at least I got some shut eye!

Sleep Sheep

Sleep sheep is an adorable little stuffed sheep that plays white noise.  This is an every night and every nap must have for us and blocks out other noises while she’s falling asleep.  It makes a variety of sounds, so play around and see which your little one likes best.

Infant Sleeping Aides

White Noise Apps

Before the sleep sheep, or when we’re on the go, I have a white noise app on my phone.  I downloaded it in desperation one night and it’s come in very handy.  I even used it and she fell asleep at a friend’s house in an unfamiliar room and pack n’ play!  When she would be having a particularly rough night I would crank up the volume on my phone so she could hear it over her cries and she would eventually calm down.  Here’s a free option for Andriod phones and one for iPhones.

 Random songs

For my daughter, it was Gangham Style.  She was born shortly before this song came out and it came on TV one day and she passed right out.  I kept that in my back pocket for when I was desperate.

Sleep sacks

There are a whole lot of sleep sacks available and we used mostly the Halo brand.  When she was still a newborn we had ones that had a Velcro swaddle that worked okay, except I got worried that she would wiggle it up on herself and cover her mouth and nose.  Without the swaddle they worked well for her when she was too young for blankets and helped me know she was warm enough.


This seems to be controversial these days but back when my daughter was born (again, a little over a year ago, crazy how quickly recommendations can change) swaddling was still done in hospitals and recommended to help prevent SIDS.  We went back and forth on it several times as her tastes with it seemed to change.


The Woombie has the most ridiculous name, but it is incredible.  It’s a zip up swaddle that’s extremely stretchy (well the kind I got was, there are different versions) so they can move their arms around underneath.  My daughter liked to have her arms bent and hands curled up on her chest, something traditional swaddling wouldn’t allow her to do.  We discovered these way too late and wish we had them from the beginning. We also had one that was “convertible” and had snaps to open for her arms when she was past wanting to be completely swaddled.

Twilight Turtle

This little guy is just adorable.  The purple matches her nursery and he projects colored stars (and a moon!) onto the ceiling and walls.  It’s a fun alternative to a standard night light that gives her something interesting to look at as she drifts off.

Infant Sleeping Aides


Once my daughter started having a bedtime, I made her a playlist on our iPod with some country songs, Kenny Loggins “Back to Pooh Corner” and some instrumental lullabies.  She listened to it every night for almost a year. Unfortunately our iPod recently died but she hasn’t seemed to miss it.

What infant sleep aides have you used to help your baby sleep more soundly?


Author: Shannon

Shannon is mom to a blue-eyed little girl and wife to an avid outdoorsman. The three of them, along with their crazy dog, live in southern New Hampshire where they enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible. Shannon works full time in corporate America, helps run her family business, and writes fiction under the penname S.S. Lange ( She goes through spurts of calling herself a runner, is obsessed with Zumba, and occasionally remembers to strength train. She has a love for all things country music and is a sucker for chocolate, fireworks, and pick-up trucks. She believes in a daily dose of laughter as well as ice cream and with a year of this “mom” thing under her belt, she’s confident she’ll continue to make it up as she goes along, give too many kisses, never get a full night’s sleep again, and hopefully not screw it up too much. You can keep up with Shannon on Twitter @SSLangeWrites.

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